Dave's Story

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Dave's Story

Since I prayed and asked Jesus Christ to save me and I received the baptism in the Holy Spirit in 1988, my life has taken a dramatic turn for the better! 

I went to Nebraska to learn how to train reining horses better from Doug Millholland.  He had a prayer meeting in his tack room each morning for all the ranch hands;  I was invited to attend.  That struck me as strange at first, but after attending for a few mornings, I realized that there is nothing strange about believing in God and I did believe in God.  But there was something different about the way that these guys prayed.  It was as if they really expected something to happen.  When I asked them, they said 'We DO expect something to happen because we are Christians. Have you ever prayed and asked Jesus to save you?'

 I replied, 'Well, I pray, but I guess I haven't been saved.'   So as a result of their influence, I asked Jesus to save me and experienced the rebirth.  Three days after that, they laid hands on me and prayed for me to receive the infillment of the Holy Spirit. 

Receiving the Holy Spirit was a profound personal experience with God.   I didn't know that a human could experience God like that.  It made me change from believing that there is a God far off in Heaven somewhere to realizing that He lives within my being!  He sticks closer than a brother and He will never leave me.  From that point on, I have known that if God can touch a person in such a real physical way like that, then He can heal broken bones, drive out disease, and keep us completely healthy.    I have walked in divine health without taking an aspirin or needing a Band-Aid for 20 years now!   I firmly believe that God will do the same for anyone because 'God is no respecter of persons' (Acts 10:34).

I flew home and, two weeks later,  started a chapter of Cowboys for Christ that met in my barn.  Invitations to come and hold cowboy church services at trail rides, horse shows and rodeos came immediately, so I went and learned how to preach while I was doing them!  I began to incorporate music with these cowboy church services and that has developed into David Davis Ministries. 


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