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CD's, Videos & other Products by David Davis:

Title:  God Given Dream

  • You'll Reap What You Sow
  • God Given Dream
  • I Hope You Dance
  • The Little Girl
  • Like God Meant
  • You've Got To Stand For Something
  • Never Change
  • The Rider on the Rim
  • Baptism
  • Through God Your Dreams Will All Come True

CD:  $12.00  

Album  also available on the web at:

link to cdbaby website

Just search for David Davis at!

view of God Given Dream Album

"Force Free" Horse Training Videos

Colt Starting

Learn how three-time world champion reining horse trainer David Davis develops a relationship of trust and respect with a young horse that has had very little handling.  His "Force Free" method of training implements body language and maneuvers that all horses can understand and accept quickly and easily.  This video, entitled 'Colt Starting,' is the first in this series.


DVD:  $30.00


Introducing the Bridle and Bit Pressure

This video is the second in the series in which Dave demonstrates putting a bridle on for the first time and teaching the horse to give to bit pressure and respond to leg pressure. 

DVD:  $30.00

Buy both for $50.00!

Also available:

Book:  Cowboy up for Jesus         Price:  $10.00

This 100 page softback book authored by Marsha Moulder profiles cowboy preachers, including a chapter on David, titled Using God's Gifts.

Cap with Davis Ranch Logo        Price:  $12.00

Baseball-style cap is khaki with logo embroidered in hunter green.   (Logo is pictured in the page heading, and represents the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.)

Online Tack Shop:  (not associated with Davis Ranch)


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God Given Dream--CD


"Force Free" Colt Starting Video



"Force Free" Introducing the

Bridle and Bit Pressure Video

Package Deal--Both Videos $50.00    
Cowboy Up for Jesus (book)


Davis Ranch Logo Cap





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